The Tony Norris Award for significant new developments in the breeding of Nerine and related genera, including Galanthus but excluding Narcissus.

The Award marks the work done by Tony Norris in experimenting with crossing different species of Nerine to produce new cultivars. Much of this work is largely unappreciated today but some of his remarkable crosses remain in cultivation. It also marks his enormous contribution to nerines in the establishment of the Nerine Society, his Nerine Nursery (and the resulting National Plant Collections) and his diligence in studying the species in the wild and collecting and documenting nerines in cultivation.

The aims of the Award are to:

  •  encourage those interested in raising new cultivars in this field to experiment with a different range of species or forms in their hybrids

  • develop a distinctive programme of breeding and

  • create plants which in themselves could be the beginning of a new direction in the appearance and form of the inflorescence or other attributes of the plant.